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The Thin Man 1934

83nd Anniversary
Last Updated August 13, 2017
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The Thin Man Films

Hailed as the greatest screwball detective-comedy movie of all time, nominated for 4 Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor for William Powell, Best Director W.S. Van Dyke a.k.a."One Shot Woody" and Best Adapted Screenplay), spawning 5 sequels (After The Thin Man 1936, Another Thin Man 1939, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, The Thin Man Goes Home 1944, Song of the Thin Man 1947), adapted as a radio show and various TV shows spanning the decades, The Thin Man continues its reign as one of the Twentieth Century's most endearing and beloved films.

The Powell & Loy Team

Ironically, the film was shot on a secondary budget in less than three weeks, as one of 52 films MGM ("The Dream Factory") would produce that year; one film per week as bosses L.B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg would have it. Upon its release in the spring of 1934, audiences and critics where taken by surprise as the Loy-Powell team epitomized the married life as they portrayed Dashiell Hammett's characters Nick and Nora Charles - sleuths extraordinaire! Subsequently, due to the hugely successful pairing of Myrna Loy and William Powell, the duo went on to complete 14 films together throughout their film career. During the 1930s and 40s, Myrna Loy was known as "America's Favorite Wife", as a result of her on screen marriage and chemistry with William Powell.

Archiving The Thin Man

This website serves as a never ending work-in-progress to archive original memorabilia from the original movie series. Material for these films is scarce to none, thus, we invite all interested to contribute any and all items: movie poster images publicity stills, heralds, scripts, stories told by our grandparents to us etc. If you have anything relevant to submit, please do so by emailing your images with a description. If your item is used, full credit will be published on our website in appreciation.

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